• Open Science FAIR 2021

    Fostering local and global open science communities

    SAVE THE DATE: September 20 - 24, 2021


  • Science. Set Free.

    Making the transition of how research is performed and how knowledge is shared.
  • Build an open science gateway for your community.

    Turn open science into practice. Use CONNECT and create a customised and collaborative linked overlay
  • High accuracy Data Anonymization

    Perform research and share your results that satisfy GDPR guidelines by using data anonymization algorithms
  • Connecting open science

    A global & open graph connecting research

    450Mi linked metadata records, collected from 10,000 scholarly trusted data sources “trusted”.

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34 experts in Europe to cater for your open science needs
Open Access and open science solutions differ from country to country, from discipline to discipline. Our National Open Access Desks know the local scene and can help you on any issues related to open science.
In focus

Open Science in a-click through the OpenAIRE Open Science Lens

Introducing the new OpenAIRE Open Science Lens tool, a web plugin developed via the OpenAIRE Open calls. OSL gets researchers and other parties closer to (open) science. Learn more and become a lead user and tester.

Three years since the launch of the Open Schools Journal for Open Science: An overview

It was back in 2018 when OpenAIRE supported the creation of the Open Schools Journal for Open Science for students through the OpenAIRE-Advance H2020 project. The idea flurished and students all over Europe submitted articles on their findings covering a variety of topics and produce many publications available online.

TOPOS - Open Science observatory for transport research

OpenAIRE expands its collaboration with H2020 projects that focus on open data. One of these is the BE OPEN project that “aims to assist in operationalising open science in transport research at the European level, through a series of targeted coordination and support activities”.

Evaluating research outcomes and the impact of open science

How OpenAIRE MONITOR, responds to the need for research evaluations tools, that can track and measure Open Science impact through a set of open science indicators.


Νew features in Argos DMP Service: closer to the community


Data management planning in the era of EOSC and AI becomes all the more crucial. See the new features of Argos, the Open...

Blue Research and Innovation Days


From 19-23 of April 2021 the Blue Research and Innovation Days took place for the first time with the NEANIAS project pl...

OFSET - OpenAIRE Moodle plugin for space/geospatial sector


The purpose OpenAIRE for the space/geospatial sector (OFSET) is a service that is being offered by Planetek Hellas in t...

A step closer to @EoscPortal !! OpenAIRE is adapting the FAIR @RDA_Europe Data Maturity Model indicators in our Validator service, via Provide Dashboard (provide.openaire.eu) ➡️ Listen here👉ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfx-jy6o7Ww ➡️ Subscribe👉 bit.ly/OpenAIRE-June-…
🤩It's a pleasure to be part of the organizing team of #OSFAIR2021 together with @COAR_eV @EIFLnet @force11rescomm @LAReferenciaAA @LIBEReurope @OPERASEU @SPARC_EU @SPARC_NA 📆Join the discussion around the conference theme "Fostering local and global #OpenScience communities"
RT @EIFLnet: The @EU_Commission funded @OpenAIRE_eu -Advance project has reached completion - @EIFLnet was very pleased to be part of this…
📢New features in Argos DMP Service: listening to the community Creating a user base to ensure a service development responding to real needs & improve the interoperation and the user experience. Explore👉openaire.eu/argos-new-feat… ➡️Subscribe👉bit.ly/OpenAIRE-June-… @EoscPortal
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