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Jun 30, 2023
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10 years of Zenodo: Empowering Open Science for over a decade

Jun 30, 2023

Over ten years ago, on May 8th, Zenodo was introduced to the world by the joint efforts of CERN and OpenAIRE with a clear mission: to enable researchers from all corners of the world to actively engage and participate in Open Science.

Today, after a decade of continuous development and growth, Zenodo has become a vital tool, supporting over 300,000 researchers across 7,500 research organizations in 153 countries. This remarkable achievement has positioned Zenodo to the forefront of the Open Science movement, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and societal impact on a global scale.

In celebration of this important milestone, we launched a social media campaign and invited all users and important actors of the R&I ecosystem to contribute and join us to highlight the significance and legacy of Zenodo. Representatives from CERN and OpenAIRE, the founding organisations of Zenodo, shared their celebratory messages with the community:

Watch the video message of Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director-General (2009-2015) at CERN

“Why do I like Zenodo? Because Zenodo is FAIR. Fair in sense of lowercase, and FAIR in the sense of uppercase meaning” - Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director-General (2009-2015),CERN 

Watch the video message of Natalia Manola, CEO of Openaire

“What are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Zenodo? Trusted, Global, Unique. Unique in the sense that it creates brand new venues for practicing Open Science” Natalia Manola, CEO, OpenAIRE 

Watch the video message of Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Chair of the Executive Board and General Assembly, OpenAIRE

“Zenodo was crucial in the development of an OpenScience culture where all kinds of research outputs can be openly shared”, Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Chair of the Executive Board and General Assembly, OpenAIRE 

The impact of Zenodo is also reflected in the success of our social media campaign, as organisations and individual users joined us by posting their celebratory messages on Twitter. With a reach of 96.2K, 308 likes and 131 retweets the research community joined us and shared messages on how Zenodo has positively impacted their work and continues to do so by providing an easy, sustainable solution to deposit research outputs. 

As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of Zenodo over the past decade, we extend our gratitude to the countless researchers, institutions, and organizations who have embraced Open Science and contributed to the success of Zenodo. It is through their commitment to sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and advancing research that Zenodo has flourished and become a cornerstone of the Open Science movement.

What does the future look like for Zenodo?

Looking to the future, Zenodo continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the research community. The next-generation Zenodo platform, InvenioRDM, is an exciting step forward towards this direction. With its innovative features and improved user experience, InvenioRDM promises to further enhance the capabilities of Zenodo, enabling researchers to seamlessly manage, share, and preserve their research outputs. As a glimpse into what lies ahead, a preview of InvenioRDM is already available at 

Staying true to its mission, Zenodo will continue to empower researchers, bridge gaps in research data infrastructure, and drive the societal impact of open science. By providing a platform that enables researchers from all backgrounds and locations to participate in open science practices, Zenodo is set on its course to shape a future where knowledge is freely accessible, collaborations can flourish, and breakthrough discoveries become more attainable. 
Here's to another decade of Zenodo's transformative contributions to the research community and the advancement of open science worldwide!

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