The first time a funding request arrives for publishing a monograph, edited volume or conference proceedings with a publisher that hasn't been funded before, a list of five questions is sent out to the book author/editor so that they're jointly answered by the author and the publisher. These technical requirements must be met in order for a funding request for a book to be accepted. Besides this, it's always useful to provide a link to any Open Access book that the publisher may have published previously in order to double-check the publishing standards that were applied to it.

Publishers in the list below have already been checked for compliance with the technical requirements, so a funding request for publishing a book with them would be directly accepted if the standard eligibility criteria are met. There are of course many other eligible book publishers, but before agreeing to fund a specific book we would first need to check whether they meet these specific requirements. When a book publisher is not featured in this list, the project reviewer will ask for a confirmation of the publisher that they will meet our technical requirements.