DMP reviewers and project officers expect that you are as specific as you can, so don’t write “we’ll use a suitable file format”, but for instance “we’ll use .csv files because.csv is an open format”. Don’t write “a persistent identifier will be assigned”, but for instance “we’ll archive the data in certified repository XYZ and this repository will assign a URN persistent identifier to the dataset”.

It isn’t a problem when in month 5 or 6 the project has not yet selected the repository where it will archive the data (or e.g. the metadata schema, etc.), but at least write in the first version of the DMP how or where the project team will look for a repository (resp. the metadata schema, etc.), and make sure to add that information in the next version of the DMP. It is a living document and you are supposed to flesh it out over time.

Please take a look at the following resources that will help you in understanding all the steps you need to undertake in order to create your project’s Data Management Plan The following projects publicly share their DMP, which is based on the current H2020 template (without OpenAIRE endorsement of the DMPs, but we are pleased about this openness):