5. Other works of authorship (articles, images etc) should be licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 licence

Suggest which license should be chosen to meet OS requirements, but let the uploader choose.

5.1. Give the uploader the possibility to choose the license.

You can indicate which licenses are better for OA/OS, but don’t choose for them.

To avoid ambiguity, uploaders should be expected to apply a license at the point of upload. Failure to apply a license at upload results in ‘All Rights Reserved’, which generally means people are unable to use, re-use, modify or data-mine the unlicensed content, without authorisation.

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5.2. Repositories may play an important role in educating uploaders with regards open licensing.

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5.2.1. The importance of making their work open access, should be explained to uploaders prior to upload.

The benefits of open access work include: Researchers and their institutions benefit from having a wider audience Open access allows use of text and data mining tools, without legal barriers. Funders receive a greater return on their investment when results of research can be utilised by more people and at an earlier date.

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5.2.2. The Sparc Europe resource offers a useful summary of the benefits of making work open access.

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