Anna Sigríður Guðnadóttir Iceland

Information specialist/Project Manager in Landspitali - University Hospital / NOAD of Iceland
Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland

Anna Sigridur Gudnadottir is the project manager of Open Access and Hirslan the repository for Landspitali Health Science Library at Landspitali - University Hospital and the representative of Iceland for OpenAIRE from February 2017. Her predecessor in OpenAIRE was Solveig Thorsteinsdottir. Anna has worked primarily in Health Sciences Libraries since 1986, mainly at Landspitali. She is the Project Manager for the Landspitali Health Sciences Library since it became part of the Dpt. for Scientific Affairs in 2013. A part of her responsibilities at the library has been lecturing students at the School of Health Sciences on database searching, information literacy and library skills. Anna obtained her Library Science degree from the University of Iceland and finished her Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) in 2016 writing her thesis on Open Research Data. She has been involved with the OA debate in Iceland and played a significant role in the establishment of Landspitali repository Hirsla in 2006. Anna has followed closely the evolution of OA and been part of the debate in Iceland as well as co-organized meetings and workshops on the subject and done presentations on OA, chiefly on Open Data. Anna is also the Landspitali representative in a steering group for the selection of a nationwide CRIS system.

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