André Hoffmann Switzerland

Information specialist at University of Zurich / NOAD for Switzerland
University of Zurich, Switzerland

André Hoffmann is an information professional specializing in Open Access including long term preservation and data management. After graduating in the field of social sciences and working for several years for the Social Science Archive at University of Konstanz (Germany) he became Open Access manager in Konstanz which involved the participation in DFG-funded Open Access infrastructure projects and OpenAIRE. Since 2012 he has been responsible for long term preservation planning and management of the institutional repository ZORA at the University of Zurich as part of the Main Library’s Open Access team. In addition, he is participating in the development of an institutional data management strategy and is advocating Open Access compliancy on a national level in the DLCM project and as National Open Access Desk within the project OpenAIRE2020.

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