Natalia Manola

Athena Research and Innovation Centre / University of Athens
Managing Director

Natalia is a research associate in “Athena” Research and Innovation Center and in the University of Athens, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications. She holds a Physics degree from the University of Athens, and an MS in Electrical and Computing Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She has several years of employment as a Software Engineer and Architect employed in the Bioinformatics commercial sector. She is the managing director of OpenAIRE ( since 2009, a pan European e-Infrastructure supporting open access in all scientific results, the coordinator of OpenMinTeD ( an infrastructure on text and data mining, and is now involved in the implementation of HELIX, the Greek e-Infrastructure for research. She has expertise in Open Science policies and implementation, and she currently serves in the EOSC Executive Board and the Open Science Policy Platform, an EC High Level Advisory Group to Commissioner Moedas to provide advice about the development and implementation of open science policy in Europe. Her research interests include the topics of e-Infrastructures development and management, scientific data management, data curation and validation, text and data mining complex data visualization, and research analytics. Natalia has also served in the EC Future Emerging Technology (FET) Advisory Group (2013-2017).

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