Repositories and the Cloud

Tuesday 23 Feb, 2010
Magic Circle Headquarters

This free event, organised jointly by Eduserv and the JISC, will bring together software developers, repository managers, service providers,  funding and advisory bodies to discuss the potential policy and technical  issues associated with cloud computing and the delivery of repository services in UK HEIs.

We hope that you arrive with a general understanding about utility computing solutions in the public cloud, particularly file storage.

We expect you to leave with a good understanding of:

  • the technical options for integrating EPrints, DuraSpace and Microsoft Zentity with cloud services;
  • the potential policy issues that arise from such usage;
  • and having had the chance to contribute your ideas and suggestions for future activities in this space.


The day will offer a mix of plenary talks (morning) and themed breakout sessions (afternoon) and is designed to appeal to both geeks and policy bods.

The event will be held in London on 23 February 2010, in the interesting and unusual surroundings of the Magic Circle Headquarters (close to Euston Station), and is being jointly organised by Eduserv and the JISC.  There is no charge to attend.  Lunch is provided and there will be a drinks reception immediately after the event so that you can continue networking with other delegates.

For your convenience, this meeting is being held immediately before the JISC Dev8D repositories event.

For more information visit

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