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    Let's co-create open science

    A 360K Euros fund to discover, support and implement
    innovative ideas to make open science happen faster.

    Submission Deadline: December 12, 2019

  • Connecting open science

    A global & open graph connecting research

    See our new graph of ~450Mi linked metadata records, collected from 10,000 scholarly data sources “trusted” by scientists.

  • Science. Set Free.

    Making the transition of how research is performed and how knowledge is shared.
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34 experts in Europe to cater for your open science needs
Open Access and open science solutions differ from country to country, from discipline to discipline. Our National Open Access Desks know the local scene and can help you on any issues related to open science.
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Open Science in practice in FP9

Open Science in practice in FP9

OpenAIRE has issued some recommendations for solidifying and advancing open science in FP9. 

FP9 is about carrying out research through mission oriented goals, co-creation and co-design, and is about responsible and reproducible research that provides sustainable approaches to societal problems in an ever growing arena of data where fact-checking and evidence policy are in the centre.

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OpenAIRE Research Graph: Connecting Open Science – Consultation Phase

OpenAIRE Research Graph: Connecting Open Science – Consultation Phase

OpenAIRE welcomes your input on its vast graph of scholarly output: connected, linked and made visible.

Find out more and contribute.

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COAR and cOALition S agree to support Repositories to adhere to Plan S

COAR and cOALition S agree to support Repositories to adhere to Plan S

COAR and cOALition S join forces for a good cause! Accelerating the transition to full and immediate Open Access. They agreed to support repositories to adhere to Plan S. Read the full article to find out how.


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Achieving Open Science in EOSC

Achieving Open Science in EOSC

What is EOSC, what is the role of Open Science, and how do OpenAIRE and national infrastructures fit into the picture? We recently published a white-paper "Achieving Open Science in the European Open Science Cloud" which tackles these exact points. Bringing our 10 years experience in supporting Open Science at national level, we  provide a view which moves EOSC from an abstract infrastructure closer to meaningful actions for every researcher in Europe.

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Join the OpenAIRE Usage Statistics service


Managers of OpenAIRE compatible repositories can enable the new OpenAIRE service to track usage statistics events via th...

Collaborating to support greater visibility and discoverability of open scholarship


DSpace 5 & 6 extension will soon enable support for new OpenAIRE Guidelines Monday, December 2, 2019. – Se...

United Nations Open Science Conference


United Nations Open Science Conference : “Towards Global Open Science: Core Enabler of the UN 2030 Agenda” on 19 Nov...

The fabulous @elli_lib and @jonatortue have designed a #barcamp session during our GA. Participants will discuss national strategies for policy making, research engagement, project mgmt and, of course, EOSC and Plan S! No slides, no presentations!
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