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PROVIDE - How to enrich research artifacts

Use the Broker Service to receive metadata enrichments

  • What it is

    OA BrokerContent enrichment, one of functionalities from Dashboard for Content Providers, is a powerful tool that enables Content providers to enrich research results with additional metadata, through the OpenAIRE Broker Service.

    Thanks to the Broker, repositories, publishers or aggregators can exchange metadata and enrich their local metadata collection by subscribing to notifications of different types. The Broker is able to notify Content providers when the OpenAIRE Graph contains information that is not available in the original collection of the data source.

    The Broker service supports:

    • the exchange of metadata and content amongst repositories, publishers or aggregators, and
    • the enrichment of repository local metadata.
    It is a subscription-notification service operating on top of the OpenAIRE Research Graph, a de-duplicated, enriched, linked, open scholarly communication graph.
  • What it does

    With OpenAIRE Broker Service Dashboard, data source Managers can:

    • Monitor all their repositories
    • View the results suggested by the OpenAIRE Research Graph
    • Subscribe to notifications for enrichments and additions, relevant to their data source, appearing at the OpenAIRE Research Graph

    Broker Service identifies:

    • Missing or additional metadata values, e.g.: 
      - persistent identifiers - PIDs (DOI, PCMID, PMC), 
      - linked projects from other funders
      - ORCID that can be associated to an author,
      - subjects identified via classification algorithms, 
      - abstracts identified in duplicate publications,
      - publication dates.
    • Other versions of the publication
    • Related publications, cited data or software

    Broker service main functionalities:

    • Enrichments and notifications
      - View notifications to enrich the metadata and the content
    • Content events - enrichments
      - Types & numbers of notifications for a repository
    • Interactive selection notifications of interest
      - Tweak and refine events
  • How can I use it?

    Check Broker events

    How to find/see the events that may enrich my data source contents?

    1. Access to Content Provider Dashboard
    2. Select your data source
    3. Go to the menu: Enrichments
    4. Browse Events: choose and find from the list (more or missing metadata), the events that may enrich your data source content

    broker view events

    For each topic is presented a preview of 100 “enrichment events”, a subset of all the possible enrichments pertinent to a given data source in the OpenAIRE Graph, that the user can explore by applying filters on different criteria and the total number of events that can be potentially built is highlighted in the UI.

    Create subscriptions

    Data source managers can create subscriptions for specific topics and that include the filtering criteria they used to analyze the enrichments preview, or can subscribe to all the available topics with no restrictions at once.

    How to create subscriptions for specific events?

    1. Access to Content Provider Dashboard
    2. Select your data source
    3. Go to the menu: Enrichments
    4. Browse events: choose from the list (more or missing metadata), the events from which you want to receive notifications
    5. Tweak and refine events:
      Click on broker filter and apply the filters you may want
      broker filter events
    6. Select the option “Subscribe to these events”
      broker subscribe events

    Once the data source manager creates a subscription, the algorithm analyzing the OpenAIRE Graph will produce the full set of enrichments for the manager's data source, possibly far beyond the 100 enrichments available in the preview. The enrichments will be made available:

    Notifications will be sent to subscribers every time the OpenAIRE Graph will be updated and analyzed to derive the enrichments.


  • Training materials

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    OpenAIRE Dashboard for Content Providers (November, 2017)

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