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Guides for OpenAIRE Services

EXPLORE - How to link a publication to your funding

  • What it is

    Linking is a functionality provided by OpenAIRE. It allows users to link research results with a project, a research community or other research outcomes. This makes the new information accessible in the OpenAIRE information Space.

    When publishing or depositing in Open Access, use a fully OpenAIRE compatible repository. Otherwise, you can also utilize the OpenAIRE Link service later to associate your research results.

    The Link service strives to simplify the establishment of appropriate connections between publications, research data, software, and projects in a unified platform.

    Note: You must be a registered user to link a publication to your funded project.

  • What it does

    Using the OpenAIRE Link service you can link publications or data to funded projects from 170 funders integrated in the OpenAIRE information space.

    The functionality to link publications to funding is readily available in OpenAIRE Explore. With this feature, you can:

    • Link your publication to a project,
    • Link multiple publications to a project, or
    • Link a single publication to several projects simultaneously.

    The OpenAIRE Link service not only allows you to link publications or data to funding, but also enables you to connect publications with datasets and software.

  • How can I use it?


    You need to be a registered user to link research results using the OpenAIRE Link service.

    Before you begin linking research results, ensure they aren't already linked. You can do this using the Explore service as follows:

    1. Search for Projects
    2. Select your Project
    3. Verify if your research results are linked to the project

    If you find out that some of your research results are not linked, then you can link them using the OpenAIRE Link service.

    OpenAIRE Link Service

    The Link Service requires three main steps to link your publication with funding:

    1. Find Sources
    2. Link Sources to Entities
    3. Summarize and Finish

    1. Find Sources

    • Select Link from the OpenAIRE Explore menu or access it directly here
    • To search for research products:
      • Begin by entering a name, ID, or acronym into the search bar.
      • Look for results in the OpenAIRE information space, CrossRef, Datacite, or ORCID.
      • Alternatively, upload a CSV file that contains a list of DOIs.
      • Refine your search using criteria such as year range, product type, funder, access type, and document type.
    • Select the publication(s) you want to link using the + button. They will be added to your basket.

    claim select research results

    claim select research results

    2. Link Sources to Entities

    • Select the type of link you wish to create. This tutorial focuses on funded “Projects", but "Research Products" and "Research Communities" are also options.
    • Search for the entities you want to link.
    • Use the + button to select the entity you want to link.

    claim select research results

        3. Summarize and Finish

        • Review the publication metadata
        • Confirm linking. You will see a confirmation notice to confirm that the information provided is valid.

        claim finish

        claim finish button


        The newly added links for OpenAIRE research results will be available after the next run of our algorithms.

        Links to external results (Crossref, Datacite, Orcid) are automatically included in the OpenAIRE information space.

        Manage your links

        You can view or delete your links in the My Links personal area.

        claim finish button

      • More information

        Whenever you make these links you’re increasing visibility, access, transparency in all the process!

        All the publications accessible via OpenAIRE, and the references to these publications (with link to the project ID) are displayed automatically in the reporting section of the EC Participant Portal for the project.

        As such, it provides access to publications that have been deposited in all repositories that are technically interoperable with OpenAIRE.

        If you have any doubt or problem related to this matter, please contact us.