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Dec 12, 2023
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Advancing Open Science in the Netherlands

Dec 12, 2023
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and OpenAIRE, driven by a shared commitment to promoting Open Science in Europe, have solidified their partnership following the AURORA and SURF-UKB collaborations in a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
Now set to innovate research practices in the Netherlands, this partnership consists of a pilot where VU will test several key OpenAIRE tools for enhancing VU’s reporting, integrating data management plans into VU’s workflow, and strategizing Open Access Investments. 

Dashboard for Open Science
One component of this strategic collaboration is the OpenAIRE Institutional Monitor, a valuable tool for evaluating and monitoring the results of VU’s Open Science strategies and their uptake among its researchers and staff.

Seeking opportunities for Diamond Open Access
In parallel, VU has enlisted the OpenAPC team to evaluate Open Access strategies, specifically monitoring Articles and Books Processing Charges (APC and BPC). OpenAPC gives VU Amsterdam new opportunities to strategically manage Open Access investments, ensuring they align with the university's ambition of promoting open knowledge and research transparency. 

Interconnecting research output
By tapping into the extensive OpenAIRE Graph, VU is now positioned to make substantial strides in advancing its Open Science initiatives. Connecting with the OpenAIRE Graph, VU Amsterdam aims to enhance institutional reporting, equipping the university's research board with data-driven insights to make well-informed decisions aligning research practices with global Open Science standards. 

Anonymising your data
VU is committed to evaluating data anonymisation tools, including Amnesia, which ensure the privacy of research participants and reinforce the reliability of research findings.

Streamlining Research Data Management
Lastly, VU seeks to integrate Data Management Plans (DMP) using ARGOS, connecting various research stages seamlessly, from grant applications to data archiving. This streamlining enhances the efficiency and productivity of VU's research community. 

“We would like to move towards an integrated service organisation around Open Science. Partnering up with OpenAIRE as a not-for-profit organisation provides interconnected services that enable us to achieve that goal without depending on commercial publishers.” – Hilde van Wijngaarden, Director of University Library, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

“We are eager to start this collaboration with the VU Amsterdam as we both share a long-term vision of Open Science values, principles, and practices. Together, we aim to facilitate the work of researchers and research supporting staff to easily share, publish, and advance VU Amsterdam's research” –- Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Chair of OpenAIRE Executive Board and General Assembly


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Since its foundation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has stood for scientific and value-driven education, research and knowledge transfer. We are free thinkers with expertise and A Broader Mind. We work together to build a better world for people and the planet. In this spirit, the University Library of VU Amsterdam is dedicated to the principles of Open Science and facilitates the VU Amsterdam community in developing Open Science as a new way of working.

OpenAIRE: OpenAIRE is a Non-Profit Partnership, established in 2018 as a legal entity, OpenAIRE AMKE, to ensure a permanent open scholarly communication infrastructure and support research in Europe and beyond. OpenAIRE is making Open Science happen. Collectively and in practical ways. Its fields of expertise and activities include services, policies and training. Operating since 2009, OpenAIRE is an integral part and a leading force behind the European Open Science Cloud developments.