Our projects

Key OpenAIRE projects and our collaborations

  • Main ongoing projects facilitating and advancing the OpenAIRE infrastructure
    • OA ADVANCE A smallOpenAIRE-Advance - H2020 project consolidating and operating OpenAIRE services, making them EOSC compatible.
    • OA CONNECT A mediumOpenAIRE-Connect - H2020 project outreaching its services to research communities and research infrastructures.
    • OpenAIRE plus with captionOpenAIRE2020 - H2020 project consolidating OA to FP7 publications, expanding to a full 100% mandate in H2020, and supporting the Open Research Data pilot of H2020.
  • Projects OpenAIRE is involved with key similar initiatives to promote/support open science
    • einfracentraleinfracentral logo - H2020 project establishing the e-Infras and EOSC service catalogue. OpenAIRE is involved (via our partner CNR) to ensure scholarly communication services are represented in the European catalogues of e-services.
  • Projects where key OpenAIRE partners are involved to support or develop open science, ensuring work is aligned with OpenAIRE objectives
    • FOSTER logo 200Fosterplus (Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond) - A H2020 project whose primary aim is to contribute to a real and lasting shift in the behaviour of European researchers to ensure that Open Science (OS) becomes the norm. OpenAIRE shares training effort via the participation of key partners (Univ of Minho, Univ of Goettingen, eIFL).
    • OpenMINTED Tag ColorBG mediumOpenMinted - A "sister" e-Infrastructure, an add-on to OpenAIRE, which builds a text and mining environment around scientific literature. OpenMinted has implemented seamless connection to OpenAIRE, accessing the rich scientific and scholalry literature metadata and full text, providing it for collaborative text and data mining. The main connection is via Athena Research & Innovation center, a key technical partner in both OpenAIRE and OpenMinted.
    • EOSCpilot logoEOSCpilot -The EOSCpilot H2020 project supports the first phase in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). OpenAIRE is engaged through Athena Research & Innovation Center to align the policy work on open science and to see how OpenAIRE services can be adapted for the rules of participation, and Univ of Goettingen to outreach to university stakeholders.
    • openupOpenUP (OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, dissemination of research results, and impact measurement) - A H2020 project which aims to investigate the cycle and flow from the methods to disseminate research to the methods of assessing research. OpenAIRE shares expertise via the participation of key partners (Univ of Athens, Univ of Goettingen, CNR).
    • Data4Impact 1220 1 e1513760583756Data4Impact (Big data approaches for improved assessment of the societal impact in the Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing Societal Challenge) - A H2020 project that asseses the impact of research on society, based on the scientific outcomes (as measured via OpenAIRE) and applying text mining on this and other related data (social, policy documents, etc.) to have a holistic research assessment. OpenAIRE shares its content and expertise via the participation of key partners (Athena Research & Innovation Center, CNR).
flag black white lowOpenAIRE-Advance receives
funding from the European 
Union's Horizon 2020 Research and
Innovation programme under Grant
Agreement No. 777541.


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