Anna Lundén

Head of division, National Library of Sweden

Anna is heading the Division for Research Collaboration at the National Library of Sweden. Within this division lies the responsibility for national coordination of open access to scholarly publicationsIt also managesand developsSwepub – the national database of research publications. Since 2008 Anna acts as the chief negotiator forthe national library consortiaBibsam, negotiating agreements with all major academic publishersfor Swedish universities and research institutes.Anna was appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to represent Sweden in the intergovernmental negotiation meeting of experts related to UNESCO’s future recommendation on Open Science. The work also involves close contact with other stakeholders in Open Science, like the Swedish Research Council who is the mandated organization for EOSC in Sweden.Furthermore, Anna holds a seat in EUA’s High-Level Group on Big Deals and acts as reviewer forthe open access journal LIBER Quarterly.  


OpenAIRE has done a great work in building up a pan-European network for Open Science. This work has resulted both in valuable services such as Zenodo, and stable connections with global organisations such as SPARC and EIFL. OpenAIRE, with its connections and services already in place, will serve as an important partner in building up and establishing EOSC, in particular the support and training needed for EOSC to become the hub for Open Science in Europe which is very meaningful to me.

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