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The Open Science FAIR 2017 is proud to hold its inaugural international conference on all topics related to Open Science. It aims to bind policies and research flows, infrastructures and services together with the people they serve.


What are the elements required in the transition to open access? How do we change the culture to publish research in a more open manner? What tools and services are needed to support research? These and other key topics will be presented over the three day conference, facilitating a cutting edge and lively forum around the elements required for the transition to Open Science. Experts from around the world will come together to explore e-infrastructures and services, offer expertise about policies as guidance for good practices, identify research flows and ways of improvement. Projects, initiatives and researchers will have the opportunity to showcase their work, through open calls for workshops, hands-on training and posters. The Fair will bring experts together from around the world, offering unique insights on the changing culture towards a more open science.

This first conference is organized jointly by four EU funded consortia in the area of Open Science: OpenAIRE (, OpenUP (, Foster ( and OpenMinTeD ( who share the vision of a science that is free of accessibility and information barriers and is an enabler of social innovation. It is partly supported by the EOSCpilot project ( which aims to build a seamless open research environment for Europe.

We invite you to take part in this major Open Science event, which will take place in Athens, Greece, 6-8 September 2017.

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming month!