OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter September 2022

OpenAIRE Content Providers Newsletter September 2022

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Join the 26th OpenAIRE Content Providers Community Call, 5th of October, 14h30 CEST

Integration of CRIS systems in OpenAIRE

The Community Calls for Content Providers aims to present and discuss the most recent developments from OpenAIRE, upcoming releases from the PROVIDE related services and other relevant topics. Through the calls, OpenAIRE provides clear and accurate information on its infrastructure and service developments.

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During the upcoming community call, we will kick-off, present new developments for Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) at OpenAIRE and welcome all managers of current research information systems.

This community call will be held together with the OpenAIRE partner euroCRIS. euroCRIS is an international not-for-profit association founded in 2002 in order to bring together experts on research information, in general, and research information systems (CRIS), in particular, and operates a unique directory of CRI/RIM systems, which starts in 2019 and covers now more than 1100 CRIS systems .

Here are the topics of the agenda in brief:

  • Designing an easy-to-use registration process with PROVIDE.
  • Updating the guidelines and reflecting changes in vocabularies.
  • Upcoming EOSC integration

The Community calls are open to all OpenAIRE content provider managers and we welcome any feedback from users.

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OpenAIRE’s participation at the Open Repositories 2022 Conference

Check out the presentations from OpenAIRE

The annual International Open Repositories Conference plays an imperative role in the Open Science and the digital preservation landscape. As the Open repositories committee states, “Open Repositories Conference provides participants with an informal look at current community practices and future repository trends combined with collegial networking opportunities. This dynamic makes this conference the preferred event for people who have on-the-ground responsibilities for stewarding digital resources”.

OpenAIRE, as an important Open Scholarly Communication Infrastructure, actively participated in the year conference by presenting three services: OpenAIRE PROVIDE Dashboard (view slides), OpenAIRE MONITOR Institutional Dashboard (view slides) and the National OpenAIRE Explore Portals with the implementation of CANADA.EXPLORE customised research portal (view slides).

OpenAIRE has also participated in collaboration with 4Science on the Poster design to present the OpenAIRE ELD - Enrich Local Data via the OpenAIRE Graph, which uses the OpenAIRE Broker metadata enrichments events.

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OpenAIRE and FAIRsharing collaboration

Discover the advantages of this new synergy

The collaboration between OpenAIRE AMKE and FAIRsharing is designed to ensure that our interconnected information will provide greater knowledge to researchers in all disciplines and other stakeholders worldwide. In particular, links to relevant FAIRsharing records from the OpenAIRE Research Graph will help OpenAIRE users who wish to discover relationships to their standard of interest, alongside the repositories that implement that standard and the data policies (from journal publishers, funders and other organisations) that endorse their use.

This first collaborative phase encompasses two main components:
Integration of almost 1900 FAIRsharing repository records into OpenAIRE; this enriches the OpenAIRE Research Graph with FAIRsharing richly curated metadata descriptors and their DOIs.

Implementation of a methodology to map repository descriptions across different registries; this enables FAIRsharing to provide OpenAIRE Research Graph with linked and deduplicated records that describe repositories across, SciCrunch and FAIRsharing registries.

discover data repositories in OpenAIRE

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