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Feb 7, 2020

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ARCHIVER launches its Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender

Feb 7, 2020

ArchiverProviding the European Open Science Cloud research communities with trustworthy repository services for scientific data: ARCHIVER launches its Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender.

With a total budget of 3.4 Million euro, the ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender is calling companies specialised in archiving and data preservation, cloud services and data management to provide R&D services to meet the innovation challenges for research communities in Europe. The deadline for submission of Tenders is 31 March 2020.

Many research projects cannot manage their data, as the archiving and preservation services are inadequate or fall below expectations while data stewardship costs are frequently underestimated during the planning phase. Using the EC Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP instrument) ARCHIVER’s goal is to fulfil these data management promises providing the broader research community with a set of trustworthy scientific data repository services, following standard best practices, tested at scale, serving FAIR data, sustainable with transparent business models associated and fully conformant with the current European legislation.

“The Pre-commercial Procurement is one of the innovation instruments that the EC is offering, where the public research sector partners with the private sector to develop added value, “close to market” R&D services.” João Fernandes, CERN and ARCHIVER project coordinator. 


On 29 January 2020 ARCHIVER launched its Request for Tender. Its purpose is to award several Framework Agreements and Work Orders for the provision of R&D services to meet the innovation challenges of European Research communities and provide key building blocks of the European Open Science Cloud. The total budget for the entire Pre-Commercial Procurement is 3.4 M euro.

Eligible applicants

Participation in this Request for Tenders is open on equal terms to all types of economic operators, regardless of their geographic location, size or governance structure, provided that they comply with all of the Exclusion Criteria. In particular, Tenderers must locate the majority of the R&D activities for the PCP contract, including in particular the principal researcher(s) working for the PCP contract, in EC Member States or Associated Countries. The Tenderer may be a single entity or two or more entities working together as a Consortium.

Tender Documents & deadline

In order to access the Tender documents and submit a bid, interested Tenderers must fill in the form accessible from the ARCHIVER website. Tenderers shall submit their bids no later than 31 March 2020 – 4:00 pm (Europe/Zurich time zone).

Information sessions

Two information sessions are foreseen to provide information about the ARCHIVER Project, the PCP concept, this Request for Tenders and the process for submitting Tenders. The information sessions are open to all and will be held remotely as a webinar, on 7 February 2020 Starting at 10.00 am (Geneva time) and on 18 March 2020 Starting at 10.00 am (Geneva time).

Build your consortium

The R&D objectives of the tender being challenging, the project team encourages companies/organisations to combine their skills and resources to form viable consortia to achieve the required results (

For any information about the ARCHIVER Project, the PCP concept, the Request for Tenders and the process for submitting it, please refer to the ARCHIVER website.