You are not restricted as to where to publish. You may publish in open access journals, or in journals that sell subscriptions. Hybrid journals are also fine, these offer the possibility of making individual articles openly available.

In the case of Article Processing Charges (APCs), you are eligible for reimbursement during the duration of the project. But you should include costs for open access publishing in the budget of your project proposal.

You can avoid APC’s! Making your research open access does not have to cost anything. By depositing your articles in a repository or finding an open access journal that does not charge APCs, you can provide open access for free.

 Did you know?
The Budget for Publications = Average APC x number of publications. 

Look at these methods:

  • Method 1: Average APC based on list of journals used by the consortium (look up prices at publisher website and/or consult a librarian).
  • Method 2: Average APC based on general market figures. Björk & Solomon (2014) estimated the average price of Article Processing Charges (APC) for established OA journals at ca. 1,020 EUR and for hybrid journals (subscription journal with OA option for individual articles) at ca. 1,980 EUR. More recently, the Open APC initiative, that releases datasets on fees paid for OA journal articles by universities and research institutions under an open database license in Github, estimates the average payment for fully OA journals at 1,484 EUR, whereas for hybrid journals the average fee is 2,492 EUR.

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