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Mar 15, 2024
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ARGOS Updates

Mar 15, 2024

Gazing the future: output management plans

This new release of ARGOS and the OpenDMP software signifies our views and efforts towards the next generation of data management plans (DMPs). It is evident that the landscape is rapidly evolving to accommodate more elements in DMPs, such as methods, workflows, and we even notice software management plans (SMPs) popping up as separate entities. 

ARGOS is a very flexible tool by design: it supports different types of management plans to be created and even offers the possibility to combine them all in an overarching plan. We start the new year with making these possibilities more prominent and complementing the OpenDMP software with features that enhance user adaptability and personalisation.


The terminology was changed to cover all types of outputs and diverse activities that users describe in their ARGOS Plans. In doing so, the term “Dataset” was removed and we do not refer to ARGOS as a DMP platform, but as a platform supporting output management plans. Practically, that doesn’t change anything, as users will still be able to create traditional DMPs, SMPs or other plans or combine them all in one comprehensive plan. But, this change in terminology was much needed to better reflect the output of the ARGOS activity which might not always be a DMP.

Structure Plans with Blueprints

Users will immediately notice significant changes to the first page within the editor interface after clicking “Start New Plan”. Until now, the approach was more funder-centric, mandating information about grant and funding organisation to be provided at the first step before unlocking more specific questions about research data management (RDM) activities. Recognising that Plans are created in different contexts and, most importantly, that they carry a more pedagogical notion guiding users into following best practices, we introduced the concept of  "Blueprints". Blueprints provide customisable frameworks of Plans according to different purposes they are created, e.g. training courses, or who they are developed by, e.g. funder, institution, etc. ARGOS Administrators now have the flexibility to create a Blueprint that excludes funding details while incorporating fit-for-purpose fields.

All existing Data Management Plans (DMPs) in the system seamlessly migrated to the "Default Blueprint" ensuring a smooth continuation of work within ARGOS without disruption. That way, the original structure of DMPs is preserved, aligning with the previous version of ARGOS / OpenDMP software.

Overall, the Default Blueprint is the recommended choice for users creating a new Plan for a funder. To develop a custom Blueprint, please reach out to for further assistance.

Classify Templates

The “Description Type” feature was introduced to better organise and classify the different types of templates that a Plan might consist of. The feature is available to Admins who can now label the templates they create according to their content. 

Explore our new features and travel with us to the new era of management planning!