What it does

ARGOS provides a flexible environment and an easy interface for users to navigate and use.

ARGOS aims to combine the flexibility of adhoc questionnaires with the power of a structured information system while capturing the semantics of a data management plan, and the rigidness of funding and/or validation rules. It also attempts to embrace the need for collaboration around the structuring of a data management plan, its evolution and sharing. Moreover, it emphasizes on achieving interoperability and enabling actionability of data management plans, that will allow systems to not only validate, but also to automate tedious, currently user driven, activities.

ARGOS is comprised of two main functionalities:

  • DMP templates, and
  • Dataset Descriptions.

  Argos functionalities

A service for machine actionable data management planning

  • Free & Open Source
  • Offered as-a-Service
  • Open and interoperable
  • Active development
  • Feature-full

Main features:

  • Collaborate on DMP authoring
  • Use funder/institute-specific, adaptable templates for your DMPs
  • Use external vocabularies for describing your datasets
  • Export and publish DMPs in machine and human readable forms
  • Export DMPs in JSON format and continue work in different platforms
  • Use ARGOS REST web services to integrate with your infrastructure

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