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The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (ATHENA RC/IMIS) is the newest institute of the Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies "Athena", and started operating in March 2007. ATHENA RC/IMIS conducts research and participates in R&D projects in the area of data management and large-scale information systems. The current focus of research at ATHENA RC is on the following areas:

  • Workflows for data integration and system interoperability. Focus is on Digital Libraries, Ontology Engineering and Data Warehouses.
  • Large Scale Distributed Information Systems. Focus is on Real-Time Information Systems, like sensor networks, and p2p networks/Grid-based systems.
  • Web Information Systems. Focus is on Web data management issues and Semantic Web technologies.
  • Geographic information systems. Focus is on data integration and user contributed information.

The key personnel of ATHENA RC have a long and pertinent experience in participating and leading European funded projects. They are partners in a large number of projects of National and International scale. More particularly, the ATHENA RC people have a rich and long experience in several topics of computer Science such as Software Engineering, Databases and Knowledge Bases, Experiment Management Systems, Workflow Management Systems, Digital Libraries, User Interfaces, Personalization, Data Warehouses, Data Mining, and Distributed Systems, and have participated in several relevant research and development projects. Those funded during the last five years many research projects in FP6 and FP7. The ARC team's expertise with respect to the these projects includes: (i) In OpenAIRE, the DNET based infrastructure supporting the EU and ERC OA initiatives: deposition and access of EU and ERC funded publications ; (ii) Leadership in supporting framework architectures in DRIVER (DNET powered), DILIGENT, D4Science, D4Science-II, HEALTH-e-CHILD; (iii) Participation in projects promoting the further development and interoperability of digital libraries in DELOS, DL.ORG, BELIEF14 and scientific GRDI202015; (iv) Providing services in digital libraries projects in TELplus and PAPYRUS.

Contact persons
Natalia Manola
Antonis Lempesis
Stefania Martziou 



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