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The library already supports the university’s claim to be a strong research university offering a wide spectrum of services. The PUB repository (Publications at Bielefeld University), various services for open-access publishing, a research data infrastructure, virtual research environments, participation in the campus initiative to implement a current research information system, and bibliometric services. The library is continuing its commitment to the development of repositories, striving for a continuation of the Open Access Publication Fund and thus contributes to an Open Access transformation. Due to the increasing importance attached to an orderly handling of research data, the library is sticking to its goal of setting up a competence centre for research data.

Contribution to Open Science

Bielefeld University pursues an Open Access strategy, the basis of which was laid in its Open Access Resolution in 2005. In this resolution, it supports the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities” (2003). Publications based on the principle of open access refer to “original scientific research results, raw data and metadata, source materials, digital representations of pictorial and graphical materials, and scholarly multimedia material”. The authors and right holders of Open Access publications irrevocably grant all users the free, worldwide right of access to these publications. With regard to research data management, Bielefeld University has already set important milestones with its principles on research data (2011) and the resolution on research data management (2013).

Goals and objectives

  • Increase the proportion of Open Access in the publication output of affiliates of Bielefeld University.
    • Continue to participate in DEAL and other Open Access Transformative Agreements.
    • Continuation of the Open Access Publication Fund for journal articles and books / monographs.
  • Continuation of our engagement and intensive cooperation with other institutions at regional, national and international level to implement Open Access and Open Science in initiatives and projects, e.g. involving BASE, openAPC and the OpenAIRE NaMeCo in Germany.
  • Expansion of the monitoring of Open Access publication costs and the publication output.
  • More comprehensive representation of research activities through implementation of a CRIS.
  • Implementation and use of Open Educational Resources within the framework of the federal state initiative ORCA.NRW.
  • Establishment of the Open Science Network at the university after launch in April 2021 with information, training, and exchange offers.
  • Continuation of the Competence Center for Research Data with active participation of researchers and scientits, e.g. in Data Champions Network.
  • Member since
Contact Info
Dirk Pieper
Deputy Director of the Library
  • To support the Open Access strategy, infrastructure services have been and are being successively established and expanded. The implementation is carried out by complementary measures such as:
    • the provision and continuous development of the “PUB - Publications at Bielefeld University” service as a central point of reference for the publication of research results and examination papers
    • with freely accessible full texts and research data: the Open Access share of the more than 76,800 references in PUB is around 18% (as of November 2021)
    • enables the integration of personal publication lists.
    • good visibility: by finding the documents in Google / BASE
    • assignment of identifiers (DOI, URN, ORCID…)
    • the establishment of a publication fund to support the publication of electronic journal articles, contributions to edited volumes, monographs and edited volumes in open access
    • participation in the DEAL project
    • the founding and development of the publishing house Bielefeld University Press with Open Access as a guiding principle
    • participation in institutional memberships in support of Open Access and Open Science
    • partner of the information platform
    • partner of the federal state initiative
    • events on the topics of Open Access / Open Science
    • development and operation of the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine