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6th Call for the evaluation of the editorial and scientific quality of the Spanish scientific journals. ¿What's new?

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Since 2007 and every two years, FECYT calls for an evaluation of the editorial and scientific quality of the Spanish scientific journals, based on the exhaustive and rigorous review of compliance with a set of formal editing criteria, plus the analysis of visibility and impact and the study by a group of experts in each thematic área.

Throughout these years, the process has been perfected and objectified, adding since 2015 the weighting of visibility and impact. After five editions and three calls, 298 journals have already received the FECYT Quality Seal, with a validity of three years for each evaluation.

For this occasion, it is proposed to centralize the evaluation process and review the indicators used. The main objective is to introduce changes that allow increasing competitiveness and excellence among the journals that apply for the accreditation of their quality.

The idea is to constitute an incentive for the journals, as well as an instrument for evaluation carried out by some organizations. These manage indications of quality of the publications for the valuation of merits of the investigators.

Main Changes

The modifications that will be carried out in the 6th call are the following:

1. Adoption of the thematic classification (11 fields of CNEAI).

2. Unique process in which the editorial and scientific quality phase will be evaluated for the journals submitted to the 6th call. It will establish the threshold for the visibility and impact indicator with all journals.

Once this phase is finished, only newly incorporated journals that exceed this threshold will be submitted to the evaluation phase by knowledge areas.

The journal with FECYT stamp that must renew their validity and exceed the established threshold for visibility and impact, will be automatically renewed. This threshold will be recalculated annually in order to have an updated list in which the journals that exceed it will maintain the validity of the certification.

3. The sixth call will have the incorporation of new indicators in the editorial and scientific quality phase of recommended compliance:

- Open access policies and re-used- Ethical aspects
- Content dissemination policies
- Use of statistics
- Navigation and functionality in accessing content
- Interoperability

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