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An overview of content providers registered in OpenAIRE


OpenAIRE PROVIDE allows for registration of content providers that are compatible with OpenAIRE guidelines. By registering in OpenAIRE, content providers are becoming a building block of a global Open Research community, a gateway to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Over the years several repositories have joined OpenAIRE, contributing to build the OpenAIRE Research Graph, which collects metadata records from more than 70K scholarly communication sources from all over the world, including Open Access institutional repositories, data archives, and journals.

The number of datasources registered in OpenAIRE has been continuously increasing over the years, with more than 1900 already, representing distinct typologies, such as institutional & thematic Repositories, Journals, Data Repositories, Current Research Information Systems (CRISs), among aggregators, and others.

The figure below showcases the typology and compatibility level of content providers already on board (data collected on June 1st).

You can find all these Content Providers registered in OpenAIRE, searching them at the EXPLORE portal: https://explore.openaire.eu/search/find/dataproviders

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Support materials for Content Providers 

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27 Nov 2021

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