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An Update of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Implementation


One of the many activities in OpenAIRE concerns the implementation of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Guidelines  at the levels of an institutional CRIS and a national or regional CRIS.

In both cases, important milestones were reached at the end of last year.

On behalf of OpenAIRE, 4science has implemented the guidelines for DSpaceCRIS in versions 5 and 6  and tested them with three pilot institutions – Cyprus University of Technology, Università degli Studi di Trieste and Hamburg University of Technology.

At the level of a national aggregator for research information, DANS has implemented CRIS-CERIF in NARCIS.

Currently, OpenAIRE is working on the aggregation from these systems with the aim of exploiting the full information potential of the CERIF entities that are most important to OpenAIRE, such as Publications, Products (datasets & software), Patents, Persons, OrgUnits, and Projects.

We plan to present the results in a blog post series in the near future and will offer a webinar with the partners in the coming weeks.

​ By Jochen Schirrwagen, Andreas Czerniak 



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15 Jun 2021

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