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ARGOS: Create, Link and Share Data Management Plans


ARGOS is an open platform for Data Management Planning (DMP), supporting researchers to meet Research Data Management policies and practices in the research workflow. The name "ARGOS" derives from Greek mythology and recalls both the hundred-eyed giant, Argus Panoptes, and Argus (Argonaut) builder of Argos, a solid but rapid ship crossing the Mediterranean.

Therefore, ARGOS:
  1. can be used and seen by multiple eyes (Researchers, Research Institutions, Service Providers, and Funders); and 
  2. can navigate your data from planning, creating, disclosing, and sharing them to embrace Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) principles.
ARGOS simplifies the writing, management, validation, monitoring and maintenance of Data Management Plans. It is used by:
  • Researchers both in academia and industry, and research data managers at research institutions who are involved in RDM activities. 
    • Researchers, particularly in Horizon funded projects, can report publication of their DMP and dataset in the Tender portal, as easily as it is possible to share datasets through Zenodo, the default publishing platform in OpenAIRE.
  • research infrastructures and service providers who connect and exchange information with Argos DMPs.
  • research funders who track DMPs content and uptake. 
    • Especially for research funders who have developed Monitoring Dashboards, they can easily benefit from Argos DMPs data collected in OpenAIRE

Finally, ARGOS allows funders, institutions and infrastructures to create model machine actionable templates that define desired RDM rules applied to described data.

ARGOS can also be used to prepare and work on DMP templates validated with funders/institutions or can be deployed by admins or research managers to build their own DMP templates from scratch.

Did you know?

As an end-user:

  • In a simple click you can share DMP(s) in Zenodo, obtain a DOI and license to support access, re-distribution and preservation in compliance with the FAIR principles declared in the DMPs.
  • You can quickly link Argos DMPs with publications, data and other research outputs from your project page in EXPLORE and use this information for reporting to the EC.
  • You can share DMPs with colleagues and manage workload.

As an administrator:
  • You can easily define the rules and structure in DMP templates, move questions to other sections and change their order, and configure OpenAIRE and EOSC APIs.
  • You can create dataset profiles and personalize the information to be added in DMPs according to the different needs in your discipline or type of described dataset.
  • You can get the Argos software "OpenDMP", deploy it in your own institution and connect it with your RDM services to facilitate communication across different data workflows.

How is ARGOS tool contributing to Open Knowledge?

1.Navigating you to be "as open as possible, as closed as necessary" during the research workflow.
ARGOS guides the researchers in answering ethical and legal questions, adding licencing to dataset, providing guidance and support when requested. The publication of Data Management Plans clarify who owns data, what type of data is produced, where published or where the not published are archived, and why. The DMPs has steps connected to the research workflow: from the ideation (hypothesis, proposal of which data will be collected), deviations/mitigation plans (when the research must take different directions from the initial plan), and the end of the projects (publication or embargo of datasets).

2.Enhancing FAIR to DMPs, metadata, datasets.
ARGOS is available both from the OpenAIRE Service Catalogue and the EOSC Marketplace Catalogue, enhancing the findability and accessibility of machine actionable DMPs in EOSC, the European Open Science Cloud. It uses controlled vocabularies to enhance standardization of input and provides a collection of the most complete APIs for RDM information to make DMPs completion easier. Moreover, ARGOS shares DMP metadata and creates links visible in the Research Graph, and is connected with Zenodo, useful to publish DMPs and datasets and obtain a DOI to be cited in publications.

3.Helping DMPs exploitation and decision-making in RDM.
ARGOS utilizes information inferred from more than 12.000 trusted sources that OpenAIRE harvests and ensures the communication of acquired DMP knowledge with research funders, institutions and researchers. That way it helps researchers and research managers to comply with the different RDM requests. In addition, ARGOS works with research funders and research institutions to validate the DMPs templates provided through its collection. Funders and Research Institutions can also monitor the progression of the research workflow from the updates in the DMPs provided by the users in real-time, through other OpenAIRE services such as the Monitor, and the Research Graph

Know more:

Have a look at this demo session the occur during the Open Science FAIR in September this year.

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