The OpenAIRE Good Practice Exchange at the SUB Göttingen

The blog post is authored by all participants to the GPE programme: Jiří Marek, Gina Pavone, Ajia Uzula and Obrad Vučkovac  The Göttingen State and University Library (SUB) was founded in 1734, two years before the University of Göttingen. The SUB is one of the first research libraries in Germany and in Europe, pioneering cataloguing systems in the past and, nowadays, intensively working to offer up to date services to students and researchers. The OpenAIRE Good P...

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Declining Open Science into specific disciplines. The webinar series for Earth and Environmental Sciences

No doubt Open Science is a cross-cutting movement, touching all fields of knowledge and scholarly communication. And adopting a more open and transparent approach in science has broad and transversal motivations. But there are many aspects that are specific for different disciplines and research areas. In particular when looking at practical aspects on how to concretely realize open science and open access. When practically applying OS, at a certain point discipline-specific resources - such as ...

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