ARGOS: the newest OpenAIRE service to Create, Link and Share DMPs #OAWeek

Plan and follow your dataIdentify actions to ensure quality and durability for your dataTurn your data into FAIR data by designLink to trusted sourcesConfigure to your community's needsUsability ARGOS can be used for:viewing/consulting publicly released DMPs and Dataset Descriptions or Projects corresponding to DMPs,writing and publishing a DMP,practicing for writing DMPs and Dataset Descriptions. ARGOS is inclusive to all researchers and research coordinators who may use the tool to create...

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OpenAIRE Provide: a one-stop-shop for content providers #OAWeek

The OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard is a one-stop-shop web service where data providers (repository, data archive, journal, aggregator, CRIS system) interact with OpenAIRE. It provides the front-end access to many of OpenAIRE's backend services:Register - validate data source against OpenAIRE guidelines (via the OpenAIRE Validator); register in OpenAIRE; provide links to content for text and data mining; view history of validations, status of harvesting;Enrich - subscribe and view/recei...

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New data sources registered in OpenAIRE: the most recent entries

OpenAIRE continues the aggregation of a new data sources, being registered over 100 new entries during the last 6 months. ‚ÄčThe most recent entries coming from a diverse range of geographies (Brazil, Croatia, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Turkey) and typologies (Institutional Repositories, Data Repositories, Journal Aggregators/Publishers and Journals).The following slideshow presents some of the most recent entries. Find here all the registered Content Prov...

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New OpenAIRE Content Providers: check out the most recent entries

‚ÄčOpenAIRE starts the year 2019 continuing to increase the number of aggregated Content Providers, from Europe and beyond (as example, Croatia, France,  Greece, Ireland, Hungary, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey and many others).Discover all Content Providers aggregated by OpenAIRE at Explore service. New OpenAIRE content providers: check out the most recent entries from January to March 2019 from OpenAIRE Would you like to know more about how to register y...

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New OpenAIRE Content Providers: check out the latest entries

Along 2018 OpenAIRE have aggregated several new data sources from a broad range of typologies and geographies. From the 152 new content providers we can find Institutional Repositories (Aggregators), Thematic Repositories, Data Repositories and Journal Aggregators/Publishers from Europe and beyond (as example, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and many others).There are currently about 1200 Compatible Content Providers compatible ...

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