Austria launches its ORCID Consortium

In January 2019, the TU Wien (represented by the TU Wien Bibliothek) and the University of Vienna (represented by the Vienna University Library) joined forces to lead the ORCID Austria consortium currently comprising of eleven institutions, which aims to increase the uptake and relevance of the ORCID iD as a unique identifier for researchers in Austria. Having an ORCID iD improves the international research profile for individual scientists, whereas institutions benefit from an increased interna...

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Connect and Get Connected – Linking Open Science in Austria

On 24 and 25 April 2019 the national workshop "Linking Open Science in Austria" was held at the Skylounge of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics (University of Vienna). The two-day workshop was organized by Vienna University Library (VUL) in cooperation with OpenAIRE, OpenAIRE NOAD Austria, e-infrastructure Austria Plus, RDA Europe, RDA Austria, EOSC-hub, FAIRsFAIR, GO FAIR International, as well as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. We welcomed appro...

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