Use cases of Institutional RDM Support - OpenAIRE blog series

June 2020, Ellen Leenarts on behalf of the team How do universities organise their institutional Research Data Management Support? When starting to ponder this task a lot of questions may arise. Is Research Data Management Support a separate division or more a kind of network of experts? What kind of support is provided? Is there group training involved,1:1 guidance, or is there a set of tools offered. And how do researchers get to know about the RDM support offered? The OpenAIRE task force on R...

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Good RDM resources are here… according to the OpenAIRE NOADs

Last year, the Research Data Management (RDM) taskforce of NOADs in OpenAIRE realised that the NOADs use a variety of handy resources concerning RDM in their daily work. For NOADS and other supporters of open science and making research data FAIR, there are many resources available but how to pick the ones that are most useful to you, in other words, how to find your needle in the haystack? Recently, the list of RDM resources recommended by NOADs was published. It is based on activities around f...

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