Open Science Monitoring: a strategic priority for OpenAIRE

Monitoring the progress of Open Science is one of the five strategic priorities for OpenAIRE identified by the Open Science Strategies Standing Committee (OSS SC) in early 2021. written by Eloy Rodrigues, Director of the University of Minho Libraries and OpenAIRE Executive Board Member Recognizing the increasing importance of the topic and the growing number of initiatives related to monitoring being developed at institutional, regional, national, European and global levels, the OSS SC...

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Meeting of La Referencia Directive Council: OpenAIRE, La Referencia and COAR discussed ongoing collaboration and their strengthening in 2018

On September 27 to 29 the Directive Council of La Referencia, the regional repository network from Latin America, met in Buenos Aires, Argentina. La Referencia was created five years ago and currently brings together nine national nodes and aggregates almost 1,5 million documents.The meeting, with representatives from Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica confirmed the broadening of the focus of La Referencia from open access to open science, discussed the ...

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