Fair data management: best practices and open issues - 14-15 November, Florence, Italy

A two day workshop was held in Florence on November 14th -15th on  sharing, reuse, and reproducibility, curation of  research data. OpenAIRE-Italy (CNR-ISTI and NOAD) was strongly engaged in organizing the event, promoted and sponsored by RDA Europe in collaboration with the universities of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Parma and with the patronage of AISA - the Italian Association for the promotion of Open Science. In light of the FAIR principles and their recent adoption in the EC Guideline...

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Italian OpenAIRE national workshop 2016

a post by Paola Gargiulo, NOAD for ItalyOn May 30th and May 31st, the National Open Access Desk for Italy, Cineca organized is national workshop on Open Science in collaboration with CNR, FOSTER project and the universities of Bologna, Parma, Turin and Trento and with the patronage of APRE, the Italian NCP, and AISA, the Italian Association for the Promotion of Open Science. The main goal of the two-day workshop was to focus primarily on Open Science in the Italian context, discuss on what it ha...

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Open Science: to make research better - a new Association to promote Open Science in Italy

On March 5-7 a three day workshop was organized by the Italian Institute of Anthropology and University of Rome La Sapienza to discuss the issues and challenges related to adoption of the Open Science paradigm. The meeting's objective was to identify the different needs and perspectives, obstacles, experiences, in order to identify concrete strategies to respond to the increasing demand for a greater presence of open science in higher education and research in Italy.In order to reach this goal, ...

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