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OpenAIRE MONITOR's Developments in 2023: A Detailed Overview In 2023, OpenAIRE MONITOR has experienced significant developments and broadening of its scope and functionalities. This year has been marked by a notable growth in collaborations and improvements in the platform's features. Network Expansion This year, OpenAIRE MONITOR welcomed 8 Research Initiatives, 3 funders, and 19 institutions, each integrated with a customised dashboard. This growth enriches the OpenAIRE MONITOR community, refle...


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Year in Review: PathOS

About PathOS: Launched in September 2022, PathOS is a three-year Horizon Europe project that brings together 10 partners to decode and measure the multifaceted impacts of Open Science (OS). With a focus on elucidating the causal dynamics within OS, the project caters to an audience spanning policymakers, researchers, and the wider scientific community. At its core, PathOS is about forging innovative methodologies and tools, and deepening understanding to shape impactful Open Science policies. De...

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OpenAIRE Open Science Observatory

Open Science Observatory

Understanding the European open science landscape   The Open Science Observatory ( is an OpenAIRE platform showcasing a collection of indicators and visualisations that help policy makers and research administrators better understand the Open Science landscape in Europe, across and within countries.   The broader context: As the number of Open Science mandates have been increasing across countries and scientific fields, so has the need to track Op...

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