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The OPUS project

Coordination and support measures to reform the assessment of research(ers)  The OPUS project aims to promote open science practices and enhance research assessment by providing a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to evaluating research impact.Open science is an essential component of responsible research assessment promoting transparency, reproducibility, collaboration, and innovation in scientific research in an era of transition to a „new culture" that the digital evolutions driv...

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Charting the Path to Open Science: Romania's Strategic Framework

Open science involves a cultural shift, a rethinking of the entire research process to enhance cooperation and knowledge exchange as early and openly as possible in the research stages. In order to set the scene for creating the national conditions for the transition to open science in Romania, a complex process of collaboration with international initiatives and experts in the field, as well as national consultations with the academic, research, development, and innovation community started in ...


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The Importance of Open Science for the Societal Challenges - OS & Covid-19: discussion with the Romanian community Webinar, April 14, 2020

Context: The Covid-19 outbreak affecting the whole world caused sudden lockdown in Romania in March 2020, as a response to the outspread of the virus; the importance of open science has widely become more obvious and many actors started to act more "open" as a natural response to the coronavirus issues; as well as other countries, Romania feels the need of strengthening collaboration in science and innovation more than ever. Scope: In this context, the OpenAIRE NOAD representatives, who are also...

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