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Paris Call on Research Assessment

The Open Science European Conference (OSEC) 2022, organised by the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Recognises that openness improves the quality, efficiency and impact of research, and fosters team science;Reaffirms the need to align what we assess with what we value;Calls for an assessment system where research proposals, researchers, research units and research institutions are evaluated on the basis of their intrinsic merits and impact, rather than on the number of pub...

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France: New Decree on science integrity to boost support for open science and DMPs

On December 2021, the Ministry of Higher Education and research issued a Decree on scientific integrity. This decree changes the conservation and availability of data and source codes, the implementation of DMPs and the publication of negative results for the French public research institutions. Its Article 5 provides that the institutions shall define a policy for the conservation, communication and re-use of the raw results of the sci...

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French researchers in favour of a move towards open science, provided it does not drastically change their habits

Couperin publishes the results of the survey on the publication and open access practices of French researchers conducted in 2019. Thanks to its unique scope, number of respondents (approx.12,000, i.e. 10% of the scientific community) and variety of disciplines, this survey helps to shed light on the way French researchers regard current scientific communication in journals and to grasp their views on open access. The richness of the survey rests largely on the verbatim reports (more than 11,500...


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Couperin's call for open science projects

Couperin's aim was to support any project aimed at promoting open science or fostering reflection on open science within the academic community. The proposed actions had to be linked to the National Plan for Open Science launched by the Minister of Higher Education and Research on 4 July 2018 (, and had to be focused on these kind of deliverables: filmed interviews of researchers, films, including animated films, promoting open science, serious ...

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