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The Open Belgium Conference: Open Science as part of responsible research

This year, Open Knowledge Belgium picked the beautiful city of Antwerp as the place to be for all open knowledge, open source and open data enthusiasts. The variety of speakers at the Open Belgium Conference clearly mirrors the mission of Open Knowledge Belgium: opening up knowledge in Belgium trough community driven ways connecting four main actors: community, researchers, governments and industries. The conference consisted of a number of sessions with a wide variety of topics ranging from ope...

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Open Access and Research Data management: Horizon 2020 and Beyond in Ireland.

In April of this year University College Cork (UCC) hosted a 2-day training event focusing on Open Access Data in Horizon 2020. The event was sponsored by FOSTER and organized jointly by UCC Boole Library and Repository Network Ireland. Day one was aimed at researchers and others who were interested in developing Horizon 2020 proposals. The speakers on day one were •    Martin Donnelly from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) (Martin was unable to attend on the day so his presentation were taped i...

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Netherlands national Open Access website renewed

  Netherlands national Open Access website renewed The Netherlands national website on open access has been completely revamped. It now has a new, up-to-date look and is more interactive. provides information in both Dutch and English about key open access developments in the Netherlands. The site also presents general up-to-date information on open access, a subject that is important for scholarship at home and abroad. Here are the most important changes:All informatio...

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FOSTER seminar 'Embracing Data Management - Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice' June 4th 2015, Brussels

The Flemish Interuniversity Council, VLIR, organized a Foster workshop on Open Science and Research Data Management. The conference lived up to its name covering a wide variety of topics on Open Data and Data Management, ranging from policies and legal aspects to case studies, researcher’s experiences and useful applications.After a general introduction, in which Stefanie Van der Burght, Ghent University, underlined the importance of data management in a research environment and how this influen...

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Training session on research data at the French national school for librarians

On the 9th and 10th of march 2015, a training session on research data took place in Lyon, at the National school for librarians. The session was chaired by Monique Joly, head of the INSA Lyon library (School of Engineering) and of Couperin’s department services and forecasting studies. Around 20 librarians gathered to learn or share their experience on research data curation.The goal of this continuing training session for librarians was to define the challenges of the preservation, the sharing...


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