6 new ebooks available in open access thanks to an institutional fundraising campaign

The institutional fundraising campaign for the OpenEdition Books Select offer, conducted jointly with Knowledge Unlatched, OpenEdition and Couperin, is on the right track: 58 institutions (mainly from France but also from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, USA) have pledged for the release of a package of 30 SSH research books in French (10 new books and 20 from OpenEdition collections). In fact, 6 out of the 10 new titles are already available on the OpenEdition Books platform: Le cinéma ou...

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OpenAIRE webinars in the Greek language:
Webinar on Research Data Management and Data Management Plans

 ⏪Flashback: A series of OpenAIRE webinars on vital Open Science issues was initiated last year in collaboration between the Greek and Cypriot NOADs. The specificity of these webinars is that they are conducted in the greek language in an attempt to engage more librarians and researchers with particular aspects of open and responsible research conduct. This activity is expected to, and has actually had already a positive effect, in cultivating change in research culture and in familiarising...

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Dutch National OpenAIRE workshop: Love to share data

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019, DANS organised the national OpenAIRE workshop “Open Day on Open Science: Love to share data”.The gathering was co-hosted by OpenAIRE Advance, the KNAW Young Academy, the Netherlands PhD Network and the RDA NL National Node. Topics included open research data, research data management (RDM), data archiving, and data reuse. There were about 110 attendees, mainly researchers and data professionals from universities and colleges in the Netherlands.DANS director ...

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The Swiss National Strategy on Open Access and its Action Plan

A year ago, the action plan for the Swiss National Strategy on Open Access has been approved by the plenary assembly of swissuniversities and has been subsequently endorsed by the governing board of the Swiss University Conference. Swiss Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are the key players in the implementation process of the national strategy, so the aim of the action plan was to provide them with options and concrete solutions to achieve the objectives that came with adopting the strategy....

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You share, we take care!

You share, we take care!

Dutch Copyright Act offers an alternative route to open access The Dutch universities will give open access an extra boost by starting a pilot to make publications available after six months in collaboration with researchers. In order to achieve the Dutch ambition of 100% open access in 2020, we have made agreements with many publishers regarding open-access publishing. Currently, this is not yet possible for all types of publications or journals. That is why, starting February 20...

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Keep it simple! - Developing Open Access monitoring

AT2OA-workshop “Open Access Monitoring - Approaches and Perspectives”, Vienna, April 2018Authors: Steve Reding, Patrick Danowski, Andreas Ferus, Anna-Laetitia Hikl, Tobias Zarka, Mario Schautz, Gerda McNeill, Olivia Kaiser, Michael Zojer, Mail: Europe Open Access strategies with specific goals like 100 % Open Access in 2025 are getting published. To evaluate the status of this goals an Open Access monitoring is necessary. Different countries like Denmark and Finland have a...

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Maltese Journal Collection in OAR@UM

Scholarly journals published by academic societies have to struggle through the complex publishing landscape in order to maximise their visibility, discoverability and usage. This is due to the fact that these journals are either being hosted on non-robust platforms such as society websites or maintained by commercial publishers with content that is behind pay wall or against costly article processing charges.To support Open Access, the University of Malta (UM) Library has implemented the first ...

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6th Call for the evaluation of the editorial and scientific quality of the Spanish scientific journals. ¿What's new?

By the repository unit, open access and FECYT journal 2007, and every other year, FECYT launches a callfor evaluating  the editorial and scientific quality of the Spanishscientific journals. There is an expert panel that conducts the evaluation. Itis based on an exhaustive and rigorous analysis of journals’ compliance with aset of formal editing criteria, plus the analysis of their visibility andimpact levels.  Currently  there are 298jou...

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workshop_italy_2018 Emma Lazzeri presentation in the National Workshop

OpenAIRE Italian National Workshop 2018

The OpenAIRE National workshop held at the University of Turin aimed at presenting the different perspectives on the future of scholarly communication in Europe, focusing on new infrastructures and new services towards a more open and sustainable ecosystem.High-level speakers were invited to provide an answer to some issues like: How shall we communicate and evaluate science in the next few years? Do we still need journals? What about PlanS? And what about FAIR data and the EOSC, European Open S...

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Educating the scientific society in Latvia during the Open Access Week 2018: rolling the right way

Open Access (OA) Week 2018 events wereorganized in Latvia for its scientific society and for those who are interestedin the field for the 9th time so far. Although the work with scientific societyabout the open processes is done on plan and on demand, the offical events ofthe Open Access week European-wide are the central to bring together everyoneinterested in the field to discuss and share the ideas and understandings. The highlight of the activities this year was a practicalseminar “Open Scie...

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A glimpse at the outcomes of the Greek Open Science Symposium

The setting: Athena Research Center(ARC), as one of the coordinators of OpenAIRE and the Greek OpenAIRE NOAD organizeda two day national symposium on “Open Science in the Greek ResearchEcosystem: Research Data, Procedures and Collaborations” on 29- 30November in Athens. The symposium was co-organised with the Greek RDA node andthe project for the HellenicData Services - HELIX, and was the first attempt to bringtogether all stakeholders who act under the um...

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PUBMET2018 Conference in Zadar, Croatia

The fifth PUBMET2018 conference, the Croatian national OpenAIRE event,  took place on September 19-21, 2018 in Zadar, Croatia. The surroundings – three thousand years old Mediterranean city - were well suited for our discussions about open science. Participants from different countries such as Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia came to present and discuss their work in the area of schola...

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National Open Science Days in Belgrade, Serbia

At the National Open Science Days,  held on October 18th and 19th in Belgrade, researchers from Serbia had the opportunity to get to know the principles of open science, as well as the changes that can be expected in the future.In addition to the experiences from other European countries, special attention has been paid to the Open Science Platform, which the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development adopted in July (see this blogpost for details)...

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Open Access week 22-28. October 2018 in Slovakia

 During Open Access week in Slovakia, we organized 2 events – a webinar and our national OpenAIRE workshop. We also provided materials for libraries, which they could download from our website and reuse.The Webinar was held on 23rd October and was about Creative Commons licenses. Around 15 people attended. Our speaker Zuzana Adamová discussed the basics of how and where to use CC licenses.The OpenAIRE Workshop happened the day after, on 24th October, ...

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Open Science Quest

Learning through the structure of a workshop is essential, but sometimes our brains also need distraction and entertainment. During the week of the Luxembourg Open Science Forum, library users were challenged to take part in the Open Science Quest to learn about Open Science practices at their own pace. The freely available Open Science Voyager Pack consisted of a travel sheet and a pencil (that can be planted to grow into herbs). Successful Voyagers were rewarded with a treasure at the end...

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Luxembourg Open Science Forum

A Forum, a quest, a policy.Those were the three words that characterised the week of 12 to 16 November 2018 in Luxembourg. Three days of seminars, debates and workshops, with speakers invited from across Europe, allowed attendants to explore ways of making research more visible, transparent and efficient. Ahead of the Forum, CEOs and stakeholders met to discuss a national plan for Open Science. And, for a week, library users were challenged to take on the Open Science Quest, an activity to disco...

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The Romanian OpenAIRE National Workshop – Implementing Open Access and Open Science in Romania

On the 22nd of October, 2018, rightat the start of the Open Access Week, took place the Romanian OpenAIRE NationalWorkshop – Implementing Open Access and Open Science in Romania. Theevent was organized by UEFISCDI (theExecutive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and InnovationFunding), as Romanian OpenAIRE NOAD,and took place in the North of Bucharest, at the National University ofPolitical Science and Public Administration (SNSPA).The Workshopmanaged to gather a broad range ofst...

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OpenAIRE national webinars in the Greek language – a collaborative effort between the Greek and the Cypriot NOADs

📖 NOADship in Greece and Cyprus: Athena Research and Innovation Center acts as the National Open Access Desk (NOAD) for Greece, a position evolving stakeholders’ engagement and supporting research activities, currently run jointly with the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) as third partner to the OpenAIRE Advance project. NOADship in Cyprus falls under the responsibility and management of the University of Cyprus Library.💡 The idea: Recognising the need of a disruptive move to spread ...

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All Stakeholders Came Together at “Turkish Open Science Summit 2018”

Organized by Sabancı University, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Izmir Institute of Technology, Hacettepe University and Anadolu University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS); Turkish Open Science Summit 2018 which would be an important milestone for long-standing works on Open Access and Open Scicence, was held on Monday, September 10, 2018 at Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum the Seed, Istanbul.It was attended by 170  people from the administrators o...

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Serbia has adopted a national science policy!

Serbia has  adopted a national science policy on July 14th, 2018, called the 'Open Science Platform'. The Serbian version of the policy is available on the official webpage of the Serbian Ministry (MESTD) and the version in English is available on OpenAIRE. The discussion about OS in Serbia started in 2014. At the time, in Serbia, OA was mandated only for PhD theses. Therefore, a working group was established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MESTD) with t...

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