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CONNECT: Engage with your community


OpenAIRE CONNECT ( is a service that enables research communities to build on-demand, personalised Research Community Gateways to support researcher's needs at sharing, publishing and discovering research according to the Open Science practices.

Research Community Gateways foster transparent evaluation of results and facilitate reproducibility of science for research communities by enabling a scientific communication ecosystem supporting exchange of research products (publications, data, software, methods) and links between them across communities and across content providers.

 A Virtual Research Environment

An overlay platform making it easy to share, link, disseminate and monitor all publications, data, software, methods of a research community in one place.

 Open Science in action

A time-saving bundle of services for researchers to effortlessly practice Open Science. An integral part of the European Open Science Cloud.

 Did you know?

  • You can customize the look&feel of the gateway with your community identity
  • You can add HTML to your community description and enrich the gateway home page with customised text and links
  • You can suggest your existing Zenodo community to researchers for deposition (or ask us to help you at creating one!)
  • You can customize the message you send when inviting new researchers to use the gateway
  • Let your researchers enjoy the default integrations with EUDAT B2Note, ORCID, and the OpenAIRE Research Graph 

How is CONNECT Service contributing to Open Knowledge? 

  • Supports collective research:
    • Knowledge hub per community domain.
  • Broader visibility & impact:
    • Reach out to researchers & communities easily and promote work.
  • Enables the thematic discovery of information:
    • With the gateway you can search and browse for all types of research products relevant to the domain of the community it serves
  • Community-oriented Reporting and Open Science monitoring:
    • Tools to support reporting to funders, development of scientific reward strategies inclusive of all products of science.

 Know more:

OpenAIRE CONNECT Webinar: OpenAIRE Connect Service: empowering Research Communities

This webinar presents the OpenAIRE CONNECT service and how it supports community building, strengthening and empowering. With OpenAIRE CONNECT, communities get a configurable gateway that supports the implementation and tracking of the uptake of Open Science principles.

The experience of the H2020 project "Enermaps" is also presented to showcase how the gateway is helping to address the challenges of Open Science in the domain of Energy Research. 

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