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Embracing Digital Responsibility at Creating Knowledge 2024: OpenAIRE and the Treasure Hunt


The Creating Knowledge 2024 conference, held from 5-7 June 2024 at the University of Helsinki, focused on "Think Before You Click: Responsibility in the Digital Information Landscape" exploring themes of digital literacy, AI in education, and open education practices. OpenAIRE's presence was integral to the conference, emphasizing its mission to promote Open Science and responsible digital practices. OpenAIRE's tools and services, such as the OpenAIRE Graph, were showcased to support researchers and organizations in adopting Open Science principles.

An engaging part of the conference was the "Treasure Hunt in OpenAIRE CONNECT" workshop, co-led by Alessia Bardi and Giulia Malaguarnera. This interactive workshop aligned with the conference's theme by engaging participants in exploring the CONNECT service, which aggregates research outputs from various sources into a single entry point.

Discovering, reviewing and studying scholarly research publications is a key process in the research life-cycle. In the Open Science vision, the research can advance at a different speed by sharing and studying not only the research publications, but also other valuable research products such as datasets and software, that can help researchers to reproduce science, implement knowledge, and foster innovation.

Participants used the OpenAIRE CONNECT search functionality and tools to understand better how Open Science practices can be implemented and monitored. We challenged the participants to search for publications, datasets and software, by playing with the filters, keywords, and the advanced search functionality. This hands-on experience enhanced participants' knowledge of Open Science and demonstrated the technical capabilities that support research communities in strengthening their academic positions.

Enter Navigating and finding the right research resources is a major challenge for researchers. OpenAIRE CONNECT, powered by OpenAIRE Graph, which provides a comprehensive set of high-quality metadata, is a great tool for researchers and other stakeholders. The metadata links seamlessly guide you to the primary sources. During the treasure hunt, we utilized Gateways from DARIAH and the UArctic Network to complete our quests. This practical exercise demonstrated how CONNECT can streamline research and enhance accessibility.

by Pauli Assinen, OpenAIRE NOAD in Finland

Overall, Creating Knowledge 2024 provided a comprehensive platform for discussing and promoting digital responsibility. OpenAIRE's contributions significantly enhanced the understanding and adoption of Open Science principles, with the interactive nature of the sessions fostering deeper engagement and practical insights for navigating the digital information landscape responsibly.

The Creating Knowledge conference is organised by NordINFOLIT, which is a Nordic network for cooperation on information literacy in higher education. The Conference is held every two to three years.

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