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eNauka Portal – Making FAIR a Reality


CRIS systems usually play a vital role in scientific communities. The question is if they could be used for boosting and measuring the implementation of Open Access and Data policies at research-performing organizations.

In the last 6 years there has been huge progress in the implementation of the repository network within Serbia. Starting from the national PhD thesis portal (2015), today the country now hosts about 86 Research Performing Organizations (RPO) with their own repositories. The majority of these are developed under open-source software: dSpace (38), ePrints (12), Phaidra (16).
Those who followed OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories V3, can now use useful tools such as OpenAIRE's Open Science Observatory or OpenAIRE Monitor.

Based on these activities, the Serbian Government decided in 2022 to develop a (funding) national CRIS system using information harvested from the repositories. The Repository Development Team at the University of Belgrade Computer Centre (TRAP-RCUB) was selected to develop the software infrastructure. The public portal eScience was launched in November 2022. This developer role is used to push forward more Open Science initiatives on the country's list of priorities, by means of:
• Using PIDs for all kind of entities (ROR for RPO, ORCID for researchers, DOI or handles for documents)
• Promoting OpenCitations as a useful open infrastructure for evaluation
• Implementing measures based on the UnPay Wall tool
• Measure the Openness of all entities

eNauka is the one-stop-shop for researchers (and funders) to deal with all their administrative requirements. We are striving to also make it an openness-checker, i.e., to verify entities meet the research funders' policies with regard to Open Science principles.
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