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EnerMaps: A useful online tool for energy professionals

EnerMaps Final Event and Alessia Bardi

Contributing to the EU digital strategy

The EnerMaps tool is ready to be used by energy professionals! The EnerMaps team will present the online tool, its functionalities, the development behind and the barriers to centralising energy data on Thursday 7 April 2022 from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM CEST online. All the partners, including OpenAIRE, will be present to answer questions about any aspect of the project and get feedback on it.

Meet the EnerMaps Team

In their latest video, the EnerMaps team introduces itself and explains how its members contribute to the development and dissemination of this energy data management platform.

EnerMaps Open Data Management Tool aims to improve data management and accessibility in the field of energy research for the renewable energy industry.

EnerMaps Gateway: Centralising all the research articles and publications on the same platform

EnerMaps Gateway is a service developed by OpenAIRE-Connect to help the research community access an unlimited number of articles and publications about renewable energy. 

Find more about OpenAIRE's role and the EnerMaps Project in this short Q&Α, with our expert, Alessia Bardi. 

Who are you and what is your role in EnerMaps project?

I'm Alessia Bardi from OpenAIRE, the European infrastructure for Open Access and Open Science. I am the product manager of OpenAIRE CONNECT, a service for the creation of Open Science gateways dedicated to research communities. In the EnerMaps project I am responsible for the delivery of the EnerMaps Gateway, an entry point to Open Science for the Energy field based on the content available in the OpenAIRE Research Graph.

What is Open Science?

Open Science is a set of practices that open research to others, not only academia but also society and industry. With Open Science all types of research products, from publications to datasets and software, are freely available under terms that enable their reuse and research reproducibility.

Why is Open Data important?

Research data, its analysis and interpretation lead to research results and guide policy decisions. Open data is therefore important if we want to research and policies to be transparent and accountable. Specifically, in the energy field, the availability of Open Data is a priority in order to share information about energy demand and energy consumption and advance our knowledge and policies to decrease emissions and increase the use of energy from renewable sources.

How is EnerMaps contributing to the EU digital strategy?

The EU digital strategy aims to make the transition to digital technology work for people and businesses also with the set up of a digital single market while helping to achieve the EU target of a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. EnerMaps addresses these issues using and producing digital services and resources of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Energy data are not only difficult to find because they might not be openly available, but also lay in different repositories, might be corrupted or with missing metadata and licensing.

The EnerMaps Gateway provides quick access to scientific content from thousands of content providers, a dedicated view of high-quality datasets selected by EnerMaps and integrated with the EnerMaps Visualization tool. 

Register and join us: 

 Check out the EnerMaps Gateway! Find the latest scientific data.

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08 Jun 2023

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