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Evidence of data reuse: Binder + Zenodo


 "Will someone really use my data?" is the question we often hear from researchers, especially in social sciences and humanities – "will someone be able to and will be interested in reusing my data"? 

Data sharing advocates need evidence of data reuse, but they are "the last to be told"! For example, we know that Zenodo is heavily used, but rarely do people tell us what for, or include the necessary links to or from their articles/analyses.

We decided to look outside Zenodo to see what's inside. 

For instance, notebooks are very popular, many are stored in Zenodo, and reused from there, using code like JupyterHub. A specific instance, BinderHub has become popular and integration guides written for people to start their analyses from Zenodo, see Binder + Zenodo: A how-to guide.

 MyBinder released an analytics service, where you can see interesting things like who launched analyses from Zenodo datasets – 1,148 at the time of writing this: 1,148 rows where provider = "Zenodo".

Similar initiatives exist for the R community (the R connector to Zenodo).  

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27 Sep 2021

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