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Flemish Open Science Board launched to fulfill European engagement and invest in Open Science

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The Flemish Open Science Board 

It was a nice Christmas present for the Open Science community, right before the New Year, The Flemish Open Science Board emerged. On initiative of Flemish minister Hilde Crevits, the Flemish Government approved the Flemish Open Science policy plan and the Open Science Board (the document can be downloaded here). Together with the Flemish Open Science Board, Flanders will invest €5 million on a recurring basis in Open Science to give substance to their European commitment. 


Open Science, including Open Data, is paving the way to a more inclusive, open scientific practice. Contemporary research increasingly requires sharing and opening up data and sound research data management. The European Commission (EC) has long been an ambassador for Open Science to become the norm for publicly funded research.

The EC itself monitors the transparency and accessibility of scientific publications, compliance with codes of conduct and respect for the scientific integrity of European research projects, through the "Responsible Research & Innovation program" and the Open Science framework.

And the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an ambitious cloud project with the intention of offering European researcher an environment for "data storage, management, analysis and re-use across disciplines" – bringing together infrastructures, both horizontal and thematic

Flemish policy plan

In this context, the Flemish Government approved the Flemish Open Science policy plan and decided to set up and compile the Flemish Open Science Board.

An investment of €5 million in Open Science is allocated to fulfill the European commitment in this regard.

The Flemish Open Science Board unites all Flemish stakeholders in a shared vision for the future with regard to Open Science and EOSC, and, supported by technical working groups, advises the policy on steps to be taken to fully integrate Flanders into the international Open Science landscape. It aim is to gradually reach 100% OA, make data sharing the default (with opt outs) and invest. The Flemish CRIS remains with FRIS

For more information: Open_Science_beleid_voor_Vlaanderen en de oprichting van de Flemish open science board

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