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France has its OA mandate!

France has its OA mandate!
On July 4, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, launched the national open science plan at the annual congress of the Association of European Research Library (LIBER), at the LILLIAD Learning Centre Innovation of the University of Lille. Among the actions implemented by this national plan, the obligation to disseminate articles, books and research data in open access has been announced.

During her speech at LIBER, which brings together 400 national and university institutions, the Minister Frédérique Vidal, presented the "national plan for open science" which sets up the conditions for the development of open science in France.

The first axis consists in generalizing the opening of publications. The Minister declared the introduction of an obligation for open access dissemination of articles and works resulting from publicly funded research projects. This first axis also provides for the creation of a fund for open science.

The second axis consists in structuring and, as far as possible, opening the research data. This decision will be accompanied by an obligation to make publicly funded research data available in open access. The association of structured and open data with articles published by researchers will also be encouraged by the Minister.

Finally, the third and final axis aims to place France in a sustainable European and international dynamic. Seeing open science become a reflexive, everyday solution for researchers is a priority for the Minister. The implementation of training and communication plans around the possibilities of open publications therefore becomes a priority of this national plan.

You can find the full speech here: Frédérique Vidal - plan national pour la science ouverte
Blog post written by André Dazy, NOAD France.

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26 Oct 2020

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