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Good RDM resources are here… according to the OpenAIRE NOADs

naald-in-hooiberg finding a needle in a haystack

Last year, the Research Data Management (RDM) taskforce of NOADs in OpenAIRE realised that the NOADs use a variety of handy resources concerning RDM in their daily work. For NOADS and other supporters of open science and making research data FAIR, there are many resources available but how to pick the ones that are most useful to you, in other words, how to find your needle in the haystack?

Recently, the list of RDM resources recommended by NOADs was published. It is based on activities around four major phases in a data life cycle (based on an inventory in Van Berchum & Grootveld). The selected steps are "creating data", processing data", "preserving data", and "giving access to and reusing data". The overview has three sections. It starts with recommended train-the-trainer support resources. This is followed by a list of training resources for specific aspects of the research data life cycle. The last section provides an overview of learning materials that can be consulted for every activity in every phase.

When creating the overall document based on the recommended resources by the taskforce, some of these resources were very nice new findings to me. For example, the available institutional websites on RDM who do not only cover their recommendations regarding RDM and data management planning but you also find local policy documents that could be an inspiration. You can find these websites in the last section of the overview. And, if you keep tuned into these blogs, you will hear more about institutional websites on RDM soon. Another nice resource for RDM trainers that is nice to me, are the 'Recommendations on Open Science Training' by Foster Plus. It contains additional exercises and group work for organising your own Open Science training to the available resources that were already collected in the Open Science Training handbook that many of you probably know.

What kind of resources will be your needles in the haystack? It can be lists of existing data management plans that could provide you with the domain-specific example that you are looking for. It can be the best practices on metadata... Or is it the new Discover chapter on how to find research data for reuse that is part of the Data Management Expert Guide? Or are you looking for Sensitive Data Services? Who knows! Have a look, and we hope you will find your needle. Please let us know if you know of information that might be useful to others, but is not yet in this overview.

And, if the overview does not hold any needle for you, please have a look at the OpenAIRE task forces page. At the bottom of that page, you will find the new resources that have been created by the Policy and legal task force and the Research Data Management task force. 

Blog post by Ellen Leenarts (DANS) of the OpenAIRE Research Data Management Task Force.

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