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How to Start a Narrative Essay

How to Start a Narrative Essay

Before you start writing an essay, you need to understand the type of essay you are writing. The above is essential because different essays have different requirements and one needs to adhere to the specific requirements of the essay they are writing. A narrative essay seeks or allows you to reach out to your creative side. These essays are often experiential, personal, and also anecdotal. One is usually not limited to what they are required to write, and you can express yourself in whichever way you wish. However, while the above might be the case, you are also expected to drive towards a particular point. Like other essay types, a narrative essay also seeks to achieve a certain goal or objective. Therefore, you need to be careful and develop your paragraphs in a way that seeks to make a point. Remember to also use vivid and precise verbs in the details you provide. Finally, mind your readers and ensure your writing will involve them.

The start of anything determines its end, and while writing a narrative essay, you need to be mindful of how you start. Below are a few tips from writers at writemyessay.ca, to help start your narrative essay:
  • Choose a topic or story that will help you illustrate a theme or a point. As stated, earlier, a narrative essay should have a point or a theme. Therefore, as you write your essay, remember to illustrate a particular theme or point.
  • Your story must always fit the essay requirements. Never digress from the essay requirements. The story you choose must always fit the essay requirements.
  • The plot of your essay should be manageable.
  • Choose a story which has vibrant or lively details.
  • Start with a hook. This attracts or captures the attention of your readers.
  • Develop a theme or ensure the point you wish to make is quite clear and distinct.
  • Write the outline of the plot. An outline will always make your work easier. Therefore, before you start writing your narrative essay, develop an outline of the plot.


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24 Jun 2021

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