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How to Title an Essay

How to Title an Essay

Titling an essay is one of the most challenging tasks in essay writing. Many students will write impeccable essays but fail to come up with appropriate titles for their essays. Whether you are writing a research paper or an academic paper, the title of your essay matters a lot. A title is the first thing that a reader sees the moment they look at your essay. It subtly communicates what is in your essay. While it may not be direct, by simply looking at it, one can be motivated to read on or to look for something else to do immediately. Therefore, it is indeed an important piece of your essay. Some students believe that writing an essay is the most difficult part of one’s writing experience. However, titling can also be a problem once you get to understand its essence or importance. People have faces, and from a person’s face, you can tell a thing or two about them. A title is indeed synonymous with a person’s face in that through it, your readers can know what to expect.

What to consider when you are developing a Title for your Essay
  • The essay’s tone. The tone of your essay should inform on which kind of title you pick. For example, if your essay’s tone is melancholic, you cannot have a happy title or one that leads your readers to think your essay is about a picnic. Your essay’s tone should guide you and lead towards a particular title.
  • Your thesis statement. The thesis statement of an essay is the main argument, or the main point one seeks to communicate. As you seek for an appropriate title, let your thesis guide you.
Below are some tips from team at writemyperfectessay.com, to help you title your essay:
  • Write your essay first. Do not be in a hurry to title your essay. Write your essay first and then develop your title later.
  • Make use of memorable and popular phrases. A topic should be eye-catching, therefore, seek for memorable phrases and words as you develop a title for your essay.
  • Find three words which appropriately describe your essay. This is an easy method of titling your essay.
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations as well as the temptation of using jargons.
  • Make it simple and easy to understand.


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21 Jun 2021

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