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Improve service to meet researcher needs

Despite insufficient funds, it is apparent that an increasing number of Serbian researchers are publishing in fee-based OA journals. In 2019, the University of Belgrade conducted a survey to establish the amount of APCs paid to the publishers, and the funding sources of the APCs. The following two actions were taken to address the findings of the survey:
  1. University of Belgrade has joined OpenAPC portal (with data) 
  2. RCUB ProRef service has been upgraded, and now includes information about APC waivers and discounts, in order to meet multiple needs of local researchers
RCUB ProRef, which is publicly available, has a very simple interface and it may be searched by any term from the journal's title, ISSN and even an article DOI. The list of results displays all journal titles meeting the search criteria and, in addition:
  • The information about APC waivers and discounts available (for Serbian researchers)
  • Journal's ranking (by means of color coding) in the national evaluation system (information researchers require often)
  • The links to the journals' self-archiving policies in SherpaRomeo (information that the researcher requires when they deposit in repositories)

More about service at EIFL portal.



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16 Sep 2021

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