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IZTECH University’s view on Research Data: An example of Research Data Reuse

 OpenAIRE Turkey NOAD (National Open Access Desk) and Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) Library Director Gültekin Gürdal, who is also member of the "OpenAIRE Research Data Management Task Force", has initiated a study in a Research University in Turkey IZTECH that can set an example on data reuse to other institutions.

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This blog post is authored by Robin Rice, Data Librarian and Head, Research Data Support, University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh DataShare is an institutional research data repository, which serves as the Open Access archiving solution of the University of Edinburgh's Research Data Service. It was established in 2008 as a proof of concept and became a funded part of the broader service in 2012. Based on open source repository platform, ...

Driver: The need to collect all efforts and knowledge in managing the coronavirus crisis and widely promote it to the Greek academic and research community was identified at the very beginning of the pandemic, back in April. As a response, Athena Research & Innovation Center (Athena RC) initiated a series of informative and educational online workshops to support research performed around COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, Athena RC developed a dedicated website that serves as an extensib...

The third edition of the Open Science Days, a biannual event presenting new developments in all areas of Open Science (OS) in Serbia, was organized by the OpenAIRE NOAD in Serbia on 5–6 November 2020. The event was organized in a virtual environment (Zoom sessions and live streaming on YouTube). It focused on local developments and all presentations were in Serbian. Several colleagues from the region also attended. During the first day of the Open Science Days, the audience could hear about rece...

In France, the Fonds National pour la Science Ouverte (FNSO) announced a selection of 22 projects that will be supported to shape and consolidate the French open science publishing ecosystem. Focused on platforms, infrastructures, and editorial workflows, the total budget foreseen will be 2.675.000 EUR.

During Open Access Week, Open Science staff from Belgian universities teamed up to organize a series of 4 webinars aimed at research support staff to provide information on Open Science skills and offer the opportunity to discuss approaches to Open Science literacy and training. The first webinar 'Skills development for Open Science' introduced two EOSC related talks. Sadia Vancauwenbergh (EOSC, UHasselt) talked about the EOSC – skills and training working group which is working on building comp...

Context: The National Open Access Desk in Greece participated in the activities of the Open Access Week 2020 by organising a webinar on research data management. The webinar was equally supported by the Library and Information Center (LIC) of the University of Patras. Presentations and discussions focused on the latest developments on research data services and tools in Greece. The webinar marked the beginning of the new series of informative and practical OpenAIRE webinars in Greece.

The International Open Access week workshop Taming the Research Data wisely: a short introduction of how-to-do" organized by the National Open Access Desk – Latvia, University of Latvia and Library of the University of Latvia, gained high interest among the scientific community members of Latvia. The workshops on Research Data Management (RDM) held on October 19th, 2020 in Riga (Latvia) proved the hot topic indeed is important yet not enough explained since the nuances are quite many. The event took place at the Research Centre of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Latvia and online with the informative support of the Latvian Council of Science, Latvian Academy of Sciences, and Association of Latvian Young Scientists.

Virtual environment, perfect organization: On September 15th, Germany, as an OpenAIRE partner, teamed up with the organizers of the Open Access Tage 2020 at Bielefeld University for the national workshop on OpenAIRE initiatives and the EOSC. Due to the pandemic, the Open Access Tage 2020 was transferred to the digital world under the perfect organization of the team from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Bielefeld University Library. Speakers at the event were Ilaria Fava and Najko Ja...

Context: A collaboration between OpenAIRE and ARIADNEplus started in April. The occasion was mutual interest to explore each other's Data Management Planning (DMP) products capabilities and exchange know-how that would complement current work and accelerate new advancements.

The products: Products involved in that effort are Argos, OpenAIRE's machine-actionable data management planning tool, and ARIADNEplus DMP template for archaeological research.

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